Born a competitor, I strive to distinguish myself amidst the pack. I combine my knowledge in programming to host extravagant tournaments of epic proportions for the local scene and beyond.

Competitive Games

World of Warcraft

My first online game was World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. It introduced me to an immersive virtual world with a vibrant community and immortal-seeming villains. Over a few years I leveled to 80, and then defeated The Lich King with my guild, Horde to Death. In the meantime, I learned about the strategic roots of the game, namely Warcraft III. I still like to throw LAN parties once in a while to play competitive and friendly matches with friends.

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League of Legends

My conquest of the Rift began in Season 1. Starting as a Shaco 1-Trick, I mained jungle for the first year of my competitive career. In Season 2, I transitioned to the Mid Lane, exclusively maining Ryze, LeBlanc, and Katarina. It wasn't until Season 3 that I found my true calling: Nidalee Mid. I quickly rose to Challenger Tier in Season 4, competing with the best players that North America could offer.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Although Smash for the N64 was my first game in the series, Melee's fast paced, highly technical gameplay makes it a perfect match for a speed-seeking competitor like me. After playing the game for fun during much of my childhood, I discovered the professional scene when I accidentally turned on the EVO 2013 Twitch stream. Since then I decided to become a tournament host, launching VJA Smash. I also have attended many tournaments, including all three Smash n Splash events, while maining Captain Falcon and Falco.

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VJA Smash Logo.

VJA Smash Society

VJA Smash is a club I founded in 2014 that promotes healthy competition and provides all members with a sense of community and friendship, regardless of skill level. Our home-produced documentary showcases the club's origin and common values.

We host frequent tournaments and run yearly competitive seasons. Players sign up for tournaments on the Tournaments Portal, where they could also see their current ranking on the ELO ladder and watch their previous matches in their profile.

Recent Event: Inferno 2017

Check it out: Official Website, Teaser, Trailer

Every year, VJA Smash hosts a few major tournaments thematically related to the winter and/or summer seasons. The second iteration of the series, Inferno 2017, was the most hype VJA Smash event to date, featuring a large prize pool, a spectator arena, professional commentary, and TwitchMan, an app I wrote to bring the live stream to life.

TwitchMan integrates with Challonge! as well as match statistics databases in order to streamline the live-streaming process. It combines a simple yet powerful user interface with automated matchup analysis and match reporting. Watch it in action here.

Source code available on Github.